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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Making Sense

Today I venture out to see my counselor again......
Just another attempt to try to make sense of this pain in my heart. Not sure where to begin today. There is so much to dig into and discover. It is overwhelming at times. I just want to unravel it all so that I can get to the root. Sometimes I feel like a reporter and it's someone else's life I'm thinking about, writing about, referring too. I wish it were someone else's life sometimes. I don't hate and I'm not riddled with bitterness. In fact, I can say I have even forgiven, but it hasn't seemed to take away the fear. This is what perplexes me. How do I work through this fear and sadness? I am reading God's word, I am claiming His promises and it is definitely giving me strength, and yet I am still here with emotions raw and while it could cause me to want to "throw in the towel" I will not! No, I will persevere. You see, I have been down this road before and I know that God does have a plan. He does heal hearts...

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